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Eminem may be giving fans a preview of his latest music video, but it's his interview with ESPN's Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit that has everybody talking. 

During ESPN's broadcast of the college football game between Notre Dame and Michigan Saturday, the normally outspoken rapper appeared shy and passive as he was interviewed by Herbstreit and Musburger.  At one point he was asked what excited him about his upcoming album, but he quickly answered "nothing."  And that wasn't the only strange moment.  There were also several awkward pauses in the interview.  While he admitted he was uncomfortable being on live television, Em did manage to recover from the awkwardness and praise Brent Musburger for being a legendary sports broadcaster.  

The strange interview overshadowed the fact that Eminem previewed the music video for his latest single "Berzerk."  The video features Def Jam founder Rick Ruben as well as rapper Kendrick Lamar.  The full video for "Berzerk" debuts today.

Watch the interview: