Gojira Guitarist Gets Hit In Face By Pyro, Finishes Set Anyway

Bloodstock Festival 2018

Bloodstock Festival 2018

Gojira guitarist Christian Andreu just dramatically increased his metal credibility when he got hit in the face by a literal fire ball and finished his band's ferocious Sonic Temple Festival set anyway.

Lamb of God front man and amateur photographer Randy Blythe awarded Andreu the title of "THE HARDEST FRENCHMAN ALIVE" in a recent Instagram post documenting the ugly pyrotechnics mishap.

Blythe was on stage with Gojira for a rendition of "Backbone" during which Andreu reportedly got injured. The front man wrote in a lengthy caption accompanying photos of Andreu's injury that a gust of wind was responsible for blowing the column of fire into the guitarist's face.

"THANK GOD HE HAD HIS EYES CLOSED," Blythe exclaimed in his post.

He described that he was unaware of what happened until he got off stage. Andreu came to the side of the stage to douse his head in water and finished the set without a second thought.

"Backbone" was only Gojira's second song of the afternoon, and the band had to rock through five more before Andreu got medical attention.

Blythe reported that Andreu is okay, except for some peeling skin, missing hair and eyebrows and a potential (and earned) fear of open flames.

"Christian caught a full-on #DRACARYS to the face & still did his job," Blythe added. "That is some HARD S--T right there."

You can see Blythe's gnarly photos of the aftermath of the accident embedded below or on Blythe's Instagram.

Gojira has tour dates booked through October. Get all their tour dates here.

Thumbnail Photo: Getty Images

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