Why November 30th Matters In Rock History

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It’s November 30th and here are some reasons why this day matters in rock history:

In 1966, after a year and a half with the group, guitarist Jeff Beck left The Yardbirds to go on to form The Jeff Beck Group.

In 1979, Pink Floyd released the double album The Wall

In 1982, Metallica performed their last-ever concert with original bassist Ron McGovney.

In 1977, Bing Crosby’s 42nd and final Christmas special aired. It featured his memorable duet with David Bowie on “Peace on Earth/ Little Drummer Boy.”

In 1982, Michael Jackson released Thriller, which featured guitarists Eddie Van Halen and Steve Lukather.

In 2000, Creed won big at the first-ever My Vh1 Music Awards, where the band took home four trophies. 

And in 2005, System of a Down had the number one album in the country with Hypnotize, their fifth effort and the second half of the Mezmerize/Hypnotize double album.

And that’s what happened today in rock history.

(H/T This Day in Music)

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