Minnesota Man Charged For Stealing Nearly 70 Golf Carts From 11 States

Photo: Getty Images

A Minnesota man was arrested in Georgia on June 11 for stealing several golf courts in multiple states.

According to KVRR, an FBI affidavit says Nathan Rodney Nelson can be linked to 63 golf cart thefts in multiple states, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Missouri.

Court documents state that two years ago, the Cass County Sheriff's Office asked the FBI for help investigating the golf cart thefts around the midwest.

Investigators say the golf carts would disappear in pairs and at night. The carts were usually taken from golf course clubhouses, and each time a getaway vehicle was waiting not too far from where the golf carts were initially parked.

The FBI says the golf carts were reportedly stolen from golf courses in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. The value of the stolen golf carts combined is over $238,000.

Investigators also added that Nelson went by 'Mason Weber' as an alias name "presumably to store the stolen golf carts" in different states, KVRR reported.

The FBI noted that Nelson was caught attempting to steal golf carts from a local Georgia dealer. He was also carrying pre-printed serial number labels and burglary tools.

Nelson has been charged with transporting stolen vehicles across state lines.

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