Bye Bye Burger:(

McDonald’s announced plans to remove excess calories, sodium and saturated fat from its Happy Meal choices namely cheeseburgers and chocolate milk...Chicken McNugget Happy Meals will also look a bit different as of June  2018, with kids-sized fries replacing the “small” order that is currently included. 

Nationwide McDonald’s has vowed that, by 2022, at least 50 percent of its Happy Meals in major markets across the world will be limited to 600 calories or less. In the U.S., McDonald’s has imposed even stricter rules with 100 percent of all Happy Meal combinations offered on menus across the country will clock in at 600 calories or less by June 2018.

Dave & I applaud McDonald's for taking these steps to give healthier options to kids but let's be honest...doesn't it start with the parents...If mom and dad go through a fast food place for every meal...they are already teaching their kids to eat like crap. Even with life getting busy, you should be able to cook a well balanced meal at least once a day to allow your kiddos a chance at getting the vitamins they need to grow up happy and healthy.  What do you think of McDonald's removing these items from their Happy Meals?  We'd love to hear from you,!