Local Entrepreneur, Jordan Hauck, helps Bis-Man celebrate 4th of July!

It’s that time of the year when you start seeing Mandan transform into the 4th of July celebration destination. Mandan’s tradition brings in thousands of spectators and creates a yearly tradition for many people.

When it’s comes to the Fourth of July the one way to celebrate is Fireworks & for the last 24 years Mandan resident, Jordan Hauck, has been selling fireworks.

Jordan started working for Big Top Fireworks 24 years ago when he was a teenager. Since than he purchased Big Top Fireworks and continues to run the business in Mandan.

Jordan says “Like any kid, I loved the Fourth of July and loved fireworks. I remember riding my bicycle over to Big Top Fireworks when I was 12 years old and asking if I could pick up garbage to get fireworks? Since that that I had the love for the business and over the years seeing the kids come in, it reminds me of when I was a kid.”

Jordan has been operating Big Top Fireworks for over 10 years now and had many locations, but for 2019 he decided to focus on having location in Mandan. “Firework stands take a lot of time, I am always attending demo shows out of state and reviewing products all year round. With that commitment, I needed to downsize having multiple locations and focusing on just two locations in my community. Mandan knows how to celebrate, and the customers are why I continue to love doing what I am doing.”

The entrepreneur in Jordan also has two other businesses in Mandan that he runs when the firework season ends. He owns Here’s Your Sign, a portal rental signage business that other businesses can rent to place on their property. He also owns Main Event Tent Rental, an event rental business that provides tents, tables, chairs and anything to put on a successful event.

“I have many things going on, but I know that I couldn’t do it without the support of the family, friends and the local community.”

Fireworks stands are open in Bismarck and Mandan starting June 27 through July 5. In Bismarck, the sale and discharge of all Fireworks are prohibited, Mandan allows the sale and discharge of fireworks between 8 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Please remember firework safety and have a great Fourth of July celebration!

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