Exotic Gone Crazy!

After over 2 weeks being stuck together in the house almost 24/7...we are in the same place I think a lot of people are...we're BORED & getting real sick of each other:) lol We've watched hours of Netflix, Hulu, Redbox & every other streaming service. I've cleaned our place about a hundred times, cut out hearts to put on our window & my guy cleaned & rearranged our garage for 5 hours among other diy projects! The point...we are running out of things to do so after a few glasses of wine/beer we thought it would be a great idea to jump on the "Joe Exotic/Tiger King Craze" and do our own cover of his hit song, "I Saw a Tiger". We trimmed my boyfriend's beard & shaded it in darker like Joe's, found a pair of my pleather pants that I made him squeeze into, put on his black cowboy hat, grabbed his guitar & my mic and after a few times running through the tune...this is what we came up with:) lol I woke up this morning thinking..."What the hell was I thinking?":) But...it's all in good fun so why not, right?:) My vocals aren't the greatest, a few screwed up words & guitar notes but all in all...it was a ton of fun putting this together so as we go into another weekend dealing with this crisis in the world...I truly hope you & yours are finding ways to stay entertained & you are all safe & healthy.

(WARNING: Explicit word at end of video...we blame Carole Baskin for that:) lol

Have a great weekend rockers!

Much Love,


"Hey all you cool cats & kittens"!

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