Looking for a "fart-time" job? We've got the perfect position for you!

If you are looking for a new career & think you’re the right pooper for the job…apply here by July 7th!The VP of Fecal Matter position begins on July 22nd & can safely be done from your own thrown:)

Bathroom product company, TUSHY, is looking for their very first “VP of Fecal Matters” to ASSist in the day to day op-poo-rations of their #Bidet2020 campaign. The new VP of Fecal Matters will be testing and studying their own pooping habits and documenting it via TUSHY’s social media. This will be a three-month, fart-time, $10,000 contract role requiring about 30-60 minutes per day (depending on how many times you poop!) to poop and document your experience.


  • A real pooping human with 21-121 years of pooping experience
  • Pungent poop-related communication skills
  • Possess incredible precision-spraying skills
  • Strong poo-ject management and skills
  • Solid… or loose knowledge of the Bristol Stool Chart
  • Ability to prioritize in complex, fast-paced, *or constipated* environments
  • Embraces an “open-door policy” when discussing what happens in the bathroom
  • Ability to install the TUSHY bidet on a standard toilet

Job Funk-tions

  • Minimum 90-day commitment to the bidet life
  • ANALyzing and documenting your own daily pooping habits
  • Interview those closest to you about pooping habits
  • Testing TUSHY products against other bathroom products and brands
  • Pro-deuce video content for social media
  • Testing and debunking myths surrounding gut and butt health
  • A lot of pooping

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