10 movies/day, 7 days, 1 film enthusiast, total isolation! Would you do it?

The global pandemic has forced the world’s theaters to close down. So, Göteborg Film Festival, the biggest film festival in Scandinavia, is therefore creating 'The Isolated Cinema' on the lighthouse island of Pater Noster. One film enthusiast will be able to enjoy the festival in total isolation on a rock far out at sea, with film as his or her only companion.

From January 30th – February 6th you’ll spend your time alone on an island in Hamneskar, Goteborg archipelago, where you will be given full access to the entire film program at Goteborg Film Festival 2021.You will get supplies for 7 days, be transported by boat to & from the island. But…once your there…it’s just you…and the films! During your stay you’ll be able to talk about your experience in a video diary that the outside world can follow…but no other distractions are allowed…no laptop, no social media, no books, no phone…just you and the movies!

Would you do it? Interested movie fans are encouraged to apply now by clicking here.

Pater Noster lighthouse...location of 'Isolated Cinema'

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