Record High Shortage of Truck Drivers!

Photo: Getty Images

We are seeing dwindling numbers of employees in so many businesses these days & the trucking industry is no exception with a record high shortage of 80,000 truck drivers right now, according to the American Trucking Association!

In North Dakota it’s more challenging than ever before to find a professional driver due to requirements for getting a CDL & in February, it will get worse with more required training which may deter people from joining the industry.

Another challenge…drivers under the age of 21 cannot haul outside the state.

So, if you are looking for a change of career or you are getting ready to graduate from High School or College…even with the challenges…truck driving may be something for you to look into. There will obviously be plenty of hours & money for you to make with the extremely low number of truck drivers we have at the current time.

One last thing…let’s all remember to appreciate & thank the men & women out on the roads right now hauling all of the goods the rest of us use each & every day of our lives. We have a lot of ND truck drivers that listen to Rock 101 every day & we truly appreciate all of you! We would definitely be S.O.L. without our awesome truck drivers!

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