Decorate for the Holidays, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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It’s not quite time to decorate for Christmas but…if you hit a creative wall this year, stalling on Christmas tree ideas or which trinkets to add to your mantle, your zodiac sign is here to help & holds the key to understanding your decorating instincts and how best to use them.

  • Aries: Colorful candles -- for the most fiery of fire signs.
  • Taurus: Fragrance diffusers -- because Bulls need all their senses stimulated.
  • Gemini: Board games -- because the "experience" is more important than the look alone.
  • Cancer: Cancers crave a homey feeling so, old holiday photos will make the home even homier, since it's all about tradition.
  • Leo: Big, bold displays -- bigger is always better.
  • Virgo: Fresh greenery. Earth signs enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the natural world.
  • Libra: Fine Art. This sign exudes class, so don't look for any glow-in-the-dark Santas here.
  • Scorpio: Chocolate treats. They're luscious, they evoke passion, and they ooze decadence.
  • Sagittarius: Tabletop displays. They're into food, drink, and laughter, and sharing them around the table.
  • Capricorn: Twinkle lights -- to seek out reminders that there's light shining in the darkness of winter.
  • Aquarius: Homey comforts. It's all about keeping guests happy, even if it means making personalized stockings for all.
  • Pisces: Nostalgic decor. The most sentimental of signs, Pisces will listen to old holiday music starting in November -- and keep It's a Wonderful Life on a loop.

But no matter your zodiac sign, don’t overlook the classics. After all, what is Christmas without some twinkling lights?

Read a more in depth description of horoscope holiday decorating tips HERE, compliments of Reader's Digest!

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