Dave Allen:
Dave has been working in radio since 1996 and has been on Rock 101 since 2004. Dave has 2 beautiful daughter's who share his passion in music, although they prefertoday's Pop music over the Hard Rock that Dad plays each weekday morning.Dave grew up in a small town near the Canadian border with a population of 1500+
Dave's parents were music fans, often listening to CCR, Beatles, Motown and Rolling Stones.

Ginger G:
Ginger G was born and raised in Bismarck for most of her life but even though she's been in radio for 15yrs, had never worked in radio in her hometown until 2011 when she moved from Fargo back to Bismarck. Since turning 40, Ginger has made it her mission to start checking things off on her bucket list so she started with taking the Abate motorcycle safety course and recently is the owner of a beautiful, black Harley Davidson Sportster! She has also made it her mission to learn how to golf and play guitar but her biggest passion besides music, is working with veterans and military organizations with her dad being a Vietnam Vet. Whether she's cruising on her bike, floating on the river or camping at music festivals, it's not hard to see that Ginger loves being in the great outdoors especially in the beautiful Bismarck-Mandan area!

You can catch Dave and Ginger each weekday morning from 6 am- 10 am on Rock 101 with the Daily Dos' Morning Show.


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