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Daily Dos w/ Ginger G.

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Daily Dos' Favorite Summer Recipes

As we head into Memorial Day and get ready to chow down on delicious grilled food and summer inspired items, Dave & Ginger thought they'd share their favorite recipe with you! Enjoy:)


Purchase your favorite brats and put in crockpot with a couple bottles of a thick ale beer.  Simmer on low for about 8 hours and before you are going to serve, throw them on the grill to crisp the outside.  Throw on a bun and top with your favorite condiments...relish, onions(not Dave's suggestion as onions make him barf), ketchup, mustard...etc) and then...it's time to feed your face!


5 lbs of red potatoes peeled

2 eggs

pickles & pickle juice

onion (use amount that you desire depending on how much you like onion)








Peel your potatoes and boil in large kettle for about 10 minutes until soft but still a tad firm then put in the refrigerator to cool. Use small kettle and fill with water, make sure to put the eggs in the kettle while the water is still cool then bring to boil and boil for about 10 min as well (eggs will have to be cooled in fridge too).  Once potatoes and eggs are cool, chop up potatoes into about 1/2 inch pieces and put in large mixing bowl, cut up pickles, 1 egg & onion and throw in mixing bowl.  To mix the liquids I use a jar like an old pickle jar or mayo jar...it's easy to shake it all up together then:).  Use 3 heaping tablespoons of mayo, a few squeezes of mustard, a cup of pickle juice, a few squeezes of ranch dressing and a half cup of milk...shake until all is mixed together, pour over potatoes in mixing bowl and stir until all is coated.  Salt & pepper to desired taste and mix in a tablespoon of dill.  Cut up egg and dress up the top of the potato salad with the egg slices.  Set in refrigerator for at least an hour before serving and then...enjoy!:)

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