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Did you realize that Ghost has been around since the late 1960s?

Ghost front man Tobias Forge is always thinking of the most creative things he can. Whether it’s the music Ghost releases, or just the way they get that music to the most diehard of fans.

This Wednesday evening there will be a "Historical exhibition" showcasing the "unique and extensive tribute to the classic 1969 era of Ghost."

That's right! Ghost has been around since the late 1960s... except it isn't!

The truth is, as many know, that Ghost formed in 2006 and there aren’t any former members from the band that were out preaching the gospel back in the 60s.

The exhibition is "hosted" by a fictional show Metal Myths, which was created by Tobias and the members of Ghost to promote Impera last year.

If you find yourself compelled to go to the show its in LA at the Whiskey A Go Go. It will be the only place you can "behold and worship artifacts from the short lived but massively influential 1969 iteration of Ghost." The costumes and masks from that era will be on display as well as some very rare magazines covers featuring the 1960s Ghost lineup.

By the way you can pick up the exclusive purple vinyl reissue of Seven Inches of Satanic Panic, the re-release from 2019 featuring Kiss the Go Goat and Mary on a Cross.

The video from Metal Myths to promote the show is here:

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