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To run commercials during Super Bowl 58, it cost 7 million dollars, which comes out to be $233,333 per second! And while that is an astounding amount of money, recent figures show that in return...advertisers pull in 434 million dollars worth of earnings after the big game exposure!

Although there were some really good ads this year, I was a bit disappointed due to the seemingly low number of funny ads compared to previous years.

That being are the top 10 best "Big Game" commercials from this year, according to viewers:

10. Frito-Lay: Taste the Victory

9. M&M’s: Almost Champions

8. Popeyes: The Wait is Over

7. T-Mobile: Home Internet Feeling

6. NERDS Gummy Clusters

5. Skechers: No, Mr. T

4. Dunkin’ Donuts: Dunkings, Ben Affleck

3. BetMGM: Tom has Won Enough

2. State Farm: Like a Good Neighbaaa

1. Paramount+: Mountain of Entertainment

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