Professor Wrote Erotic Fiction About His Students

Oh, this is just gross. A Cambridge professor, Dr Peter Hutchinson, self published an erotic fiction novel starring his students. And this is after he faced complaints for making inappropriate comments.

Dr Hutchinson has confirmed he is the author of "First Time: Ooo-la-la!", which was published under the name "Barry Able".

The books tells the story of an "innocent" first year student called Peter at a fictitious Oxford college who is found guilty of alleged sexual impropriety after a "series of erotic adventures".

Most of the women students in the book are members of a college sex club called "The Virgins" and must sleep with a man - or senior academic - each week to remain in the group.

In the opening of the text, a female student is called a "brazen hussy" and others are described as being "well endowed" in lingerie, suspenders and garter-belts.

It also contains references to bondage, voyeurism and public humiliation.

The front-cover features an image of a woman's leg in stockings, which Dr Hutchinson confirmed belonged to a former Trinity Hall student.

Dr Hutchinson said that he did not "see a problem using an unidentifiable photo" of a student, adding he was not present when it was taken. (BBC)

So creepy. He was cleared of sexual assault charged in 2006 and the book even has a fictionalized account of that incident. YIKES. Even after losing his teaching position in 2015, he was still allowed some privileges until students and alumni released an open letter denouncing him last year. He finally resigned fully in November.

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