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New Calendar & Do Nothing

Morning Workout & Talk To Pets

Want to lose weight? Dangerous Dave talks about a study that says to maximize your weight loss during your workout, do it during the mornings. Most effective time is 7am to 9am. Plus, if you could use AI to talk to your pet, would you? Most said "yes" but men are more likely to want to than women.

Dating Requirements & Cringe Worthy

Some people have weird dating requirements, Dangerous Dave talks about a list from Reddit of some of the crazy ones. Plus, is it ok to be "cringy" on dating apps? The answer is "yes" depending what it is. You can fly your freak flag or show your nerdness as long as you don't go to far into your fetish or politics.

Clean House & Google Names

How often is you house "really clean"? Dangerous Dave talks about a survey that states most people say about 11 days a year. The equals only 3% of the time. Plus, the meanings of names we Google the most, like Luke and Cheyene.

Nobel Prize & Hambone Awards

Worthy of a Nobel Prize? Dangerous Dave talks about the ones you really don't want, because they are for ridiculous studies including one about how many people will look upward if they come upon someone looking up. Plus, the Hambone Awards. They come from a insurance company that insures pets and they are for the ones who had to see the vet for the most ridiculous reasons.

For Cash & Work Life Balance

Dangerous Dave talks about a list on Reddit about strange things people have done for cash. The include spitting whiskey into someones mouth and not telling anyone someone hit you with their car. Plus, work-life balance is better than it uses to be, according to a survey fewer people want to go out for happy hour with co-workers.

Spelling & How To Google

Does spelling not matter anymore? Dangerous Dave talks about a survey that says "no" it doesn't when it comes to texting an social media, mainly for younger people. As long as they get the message across, they believe it does not matter. Plus, "how to" is a big search on Google and we talk about he how to's we are searching the most.

Try Succeed & Work Terms

Can you get a better grade by looking at an "A" before a test and worse by looking at an "F"? A study says "yes" and researchers believe it has to do with trying to succeed instead of not trying to fail. Plus, annoying work terms we hear nearly every day, like "win-win" and "circle back".

Uncomfortable & Pumpkin Spice

Dangerous Dave talks about a list of things that men are uncomfortable with compared to men, for example, men are more uncomfortable with apply sunscreen to another man's back that women are to another woman. Plus, pumpkin spice is back! What are states Googling about pumpkin spice? ND is obsessed with pumpkin spice cream cheese!

Top Countries & National Beer Lovers Day

In the U.S. the top country in the world? Dangerous Dave talks about a study that says "no" but it is in the top 5 at number 5. We look at that list of top countries. Plus, it is National Beer Lovers day and we look at the beers that are related to your zodiac.