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Stay Up Late & Warning Label

Happiest Cities & Precrastination

What are the happiest cities in the world? Dangerous Dave talks about how Minneapolis ranks number 1 in the US. Plus, you know about procrastination but what about precrastination? It is the opposite and not always a good thing.

Dads Day & Winning Vs AI

Father's Day is Sunday and Dangerous Dave talks about some dad stats. Plus, are we winning the battle against AI? Experts say "yes" for now.

First Impressions & Boring Conversations

Dangerous Dave talks about the first impressions people will judge you for including your hygiene and how you treat people. Plus, how many people get stuck in boring conversations and how many think they can get out of them. 

Can't Get Into & Smells

Dangerous Dave talks about two lists trending online right now including thing people wish they could get into but just can't including running. Plus, smells people love that some people hate including fresh cut grass and coffee. 

True Love & Checked Bags

Does true love exist? Dangerous Dave talks about how the majority of people think so, depending upon your current relationship status. Plus, your checked bag doesn't always come out first because you checked in early according to a baggage handler.

Selling Out & Tipping

Did you sell out? Dangerous Dave talks about a poll that says younger people more likely to sell out an think it's OK than older Americans. Plus tipping is out of control, older people more likely to think so but still are better tippers.

Drink, Sleep, Fly & Smile

Could drinking and sleeping on a plane kill you? Dangerous Dave talks about a study out of Germany that says it could be really bad for your heart. Plus, what makes us smile including vacation and finding money.

Sidewalk Etiquette & Parent Habits

Walking outside a lot now that it is nice? Dangerous Dave talks about sidewalk etiquette according to big city people. Plus, annoying habits parents have according to Reddit.

Kids Trust & Underrated Skills

Do kids trust robots more that people? Dangerous Dave talks about a study that says "yes" they do. Plus the most underrated skills we should have including first aid and know how to swim.